Mission Statement

The Pleasantville Elementary School provides a safe and nurturing environment.  Our mission is to develop positive student, teacher, parent, administrative, and community interaction. We will challenge students to reach their academic and social potential in preparation for middle school.

Pleasantville School Beliefs

  • All students develop at different rates and have varying learning styles.
  • Learner’s self-esteem and school pride is directly related to success.
  • Students will be respectful and accountable for their actions.
  • It is essential that our school supports families and our families support our school.
  • Teachers and employees will serve as positive role models for students.
  • Teachers will set high expectations for both learning and student achievement and will evaluate fairly.
  • Effective communication and regular and consistent feedback are expected from all involved in the school.

Pleasantville Information

Pleasantville School enrolls approximately 200 students in grades 1 – 5. There are approximately 50 adults who work in our building.

10 Regular classroom teachers 2 Special Education teachers
2 Reading specialists 1 Speech Teacher
1 Principal 1 Secretary
1 Educational Aides/Office Staff 4 Educational Aides
2 Custodians 3 Food Service Workers
1 Nurse/ 2 Nurse Technicians 10 I.U. Faculty and Support Staff
6 “Specials” teachers (music, band, art, library, and healty/phys.ed) Other Support Personnel

Our building is often visited by our school psychologist, special education director, federal programs-Title 1 coordinator, and other district personnel. Our faculty and support staff work together to make Pleasantville School the “best it can be.” Each individual has an important role in providing a safe, orderly, educational environment that encourages our students to do their best. We are often collaborating, co-planning, team planning, sharing and discussing our concerns and ideas in an effort to improve our school. We brain storm, plan, create, revise, take risks, reach out to one another; we support our individual and group efforts.

Our school mascot is a “Shining Star” and our motto is “Shooting for Excellence.” We have developed a S. T. A. R. school-wide, positive, behavior support program (SWPBS) that is directly related to our mascot and motto – “Strive for excellence,” Take learning seriously,” “Always follow the rules,” “Respect and care for people and property.” Our “five star rules” are

  1. Follow directions,
  2. Keep your hands, feet, unkind and inappropriate words to yourself,
  3. Respect people and property,
  4. Walk, don’t run, and
  5. Be nice or be quiet.

Every quarter, “Shining Star” students will be recognized at the “Shining Star” awards assembly and they will also participate in a special “Shining Star” activity. We hope that our Shining Star SWPBS program will help our students develop habits and behaviors that help them become responsible, life-long learners striving for excellence in all areas of their adult lives.

We are committed to continuous improvement and our school strives to be “the best school.”