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The physical education program at Titusville’s Early Childhood Learning Center is designed to suit the unique needs of the kindergarten student.  Young learners thrive with routine and consistency, yet are motivated by novelty and excitement.  At The ECLC, we tune in to these basic needs to provide a fast paced, fun-filled, physical education experience that also enhances learning through brain-stimulating movement activities.

Physical Education News

School Shoes-Gym Shoes

June 3rd, 2020|

Many of the children’s sneakers on the market may look like athletic shoes, but have felt or fabric in place of rubber, non-slip treads.  Some even advertise these felt soles as “non-slip” because they grip well [...]

K4 – (4 and 5 year-old kindergarten)

June 3rd, 2020|

Although K4 in the ECLC is a half-day program, It is still a priority to give them a quality physical education experience.  Each K4 class comes to the gym twice weekly!  K4 sessions consist of [...]

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