School Counseling Mission Statement

The Titusville Middle School counselors will facilitate a developmentally appropriate comprehensive school counseling program that addresses the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. In collaboration with families and our community we will strive to minimize barriers to learning and develop skills students need to be successful and productive citizens.

Welcome to TMS! We are Brooke Martin and Stephanie Knapp, School Counselors at Titusville Middle School. We have the privilege of working with the students in many areas that will have a positive impact on their educational experience. Our goal is to ensure that every student’s journey through their middle school years is challenging and rewarding. We focus on providing our students with a variety of learning experiences that will help to develop their self-awareness, educational abilities and how they relate to their career interests.

We go into classrooms each year addressing topics including conflict resolution, tolerance, bullying, and relational aggression. The goal of each lesson is to build positive peer interaction skills. We encourage the students to practice these skills in all areas of their lives. We are happy to work with students individually who need support in handling peer relationships. We also address academic skills. The students learn about effective organizational and study skills. We utilize a   learning style inventory to help students gain awareness about how they learn and remember material and strategies they can use to be successful in the classroom. These themes are reinforced throughout the middle school years.

Career exploration is another very important area in which we work with all students. Through classroom activities, our students learn about their individual career interests and abilities and will develop a web-based portfolio to track their progress. This information is very helpful as we discuss their goals for high school and beyond. We want our students to make informed decisions about their futures.  We also coordinate activities to teach skills that will prepare students for the world of work. We work closely with the teachers to make the connection between their academics and future career opportunities.

We also help students in all phases of transition. We meet with all of the fifth grade students and assist them in becoming familiar with the middle school and all that it has to offer them. We do this through Move Up Days and the Sixth Grade Academy, which is held in August. We facilitate all Middle School scheduling as well as work with the high school counselors in scheduling the eighth grade students for their freshman year. Students advancing within the Middle School participate in Move-Over Days allowing them to get a taste of what the next year will have in store for them.

The school counselors serve on the Middle School Student Assistance Team which is a part of the district wide Student Assistance Program (SAP). The team identifies students with academic, social, behavioral, drug and/or alcohol problems and works with the student and family to devise solutions. Please refer to the Student Assistance link on the right for more information.

We also meet with students on an individual basis who may be having social, emotional, or academic concerns. Our doors are always open for students to come and talk.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about your child or questions about how we can further assist you in helping your child navigate his/her way through Titusville Middle School.