Welcome to the Titusville Area School District Office of Student Services. Our office represents a variety of student support programs focused on success for all students. The philosophy of the School District provides the foundation for programming and services to our students through a collaboration with other professionals and community agencies. Helping students make a good adjustment to school life, bringing families and schools together, and supporting students with special needs is the focus of student service programs.

Our student services staff members address a myriad of issues including career/educational planning, character education, interpersonal relations, absenteeism, mental and physical health related concerns and school safety issues.  The mission of the student services department is to implement a program to effectively address barriers to learning and teaching.  This enables students to learn and teachers to teach, it creates a supportive, positive environment that maximizes learning and well-being and helps to strengthen families and communities.

Student Services includes:  School Nursing Services, School Psychological Services, School Counseling Services, Student Safety, Homebound, Homelessness, and the Student Assistance Program.   If you have any questions about Programs and Services, please contact the Student Services Office at 814-827-2715 Ext. 8-3402.

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