Director’s Message

I am Michael T. McGaughey, Sr., the Assistant Superintendent for the Titusville Area School District. In my role I oversee and facilitate special education, gifted, and alternative education programming for the district’s students K4 through 12th grade. Our district programming for special needs students is quite extensive. We have comprehensive programming and supports to offer to all children of need in our district. The Office of Special Education is dedicated to facilitating intervention and referral services, Special Education Programming, Related Services such as Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy services, and unique programming designed and implemented to meet your child’s individual needs. I am proud to work alongside such a devoted, dedicated, and talented faculty and staff that works endlessly to provide each student with the services necessary to meet their unique and individualized needs. Our faculty and staff support the students and their families in discovering their child’s greatest potential. This is accomplished by providing challenging educational opportunities, initiating practices that increase academic performance, student involvement, self – esteem, self-regulation, and success for every child. As the Director of Special Education, it is my responsibility to administer district programs and ensure compliance for special education as mandated under state and federal guidelines. This legislation specifically requires special education and related services for all students with disabilities between the ages of three and 21. If eligible, these are provided with an appropriate education program. In addition, I am responsible for overseeing Gifted Programs, as well as children who participate in our Alternative Education Programming and the mandates that accompanies these programs.

The Titusville Area School District provides a full continuum of programming and related services in order to meet the needs of our students in the least restrictive environment. We are proud of our strong commitment to including students with disabilities in the general education curriculum to the maximum extent possible. Please feel free to contact me directly at 814-827-0534 or at if you have any concerns, questions, or need additional clarifications of our district special education programming or how we can support your child. I am excited and looking forward to serving and supporting you, your children and our faculty and staff in our partnership to ensure that all students will learn, grow, and most importantly, succeed.


Michael McGaughey
Assistant Superintendent
Titusville School District
301 East Spruce Street
Titusville, PA 16354
814 – 827 – 2715 Ext 8-3481

Special Education Director

Welcome to the Titusville Area School District.  We are committed to providing the very best education possible for every student each and every school day.  We have a strong team of dedicated teachers and support staff, outstanding programs, innovative learning experiences, and services that emphasize differentiated approaches to teaching and assessing. 

We strive to provide every student a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment. Students are provided numerous opportunities to be integrated in the regular classrooms with their peers.   We are dedicated to individualizing every child’s educational program to best meet their needs and allow them to reach their greatest learning potential.  

We are honored to work with you and your children.  We believe that collaboration between the home and school is essential to provide diverse supports and services to meet their individual learning needs. A broad array of supplementary aids and services to support students’ needs includes communication devices, assistive technology, and pre-vocational opportunities.  Related services are designed to enable the child to participate in or access his or her program of special education. Examples of related services are speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing services, and audiological services. 

The Titusville Area School District Special Education Department continuously supports the development of all students with the skills and knowledge they will need to learn at high levels. We acknowledge that relevant and rigorous learning does require different approaches. Our proud employees inspire and challenge young students every day. 

The Special Education main office is located at 301 East Spruce Street.  We work directly with parents, guardians, staff, students, building principals, and guidance counselors to help ensure all students reach their full potential as lifelong learners.  Please stop by or contact me for additional information.  We look forward to working with you.  Go Rockets!

Mrs. Nancy Wright 

(814) 827-2715 ext. 3476