About the Board of Directors

Pennsylvania School Code and the Pennsylvania Department of Education govern the nine-member Board of School Directors for the Titusville Area School District. Directors act as the general agent for the people of the district in the matters of public education. They are charged with being current on the concerns and desires of the whole community regarding the quality and performance of the school system.  The Board establishes educational goals for district students and governs a program of education designed to meet those goals. The Board is committed to educating all students to the best of their individual abilities. Moreover, the Board assumes an educational leadership role and employs the Superintendent. Additionally, the Board adopts courses of study and textbooks; employs all staff members; and fixes and prescribes their duties, wages and salaries, and terms of employment.

Seated L-R: Jeff Thomas, Kevin O’Neill, Jim Come, Keith DeRose Standing L-R: Jeremiah Morrison, Jean Spence, Lynn Cressman, Carol Shaffer, Jack Roberts
Name Position Term email
James E. Come 2018-2021 jim_come@gorockets.org
Lynn J. Cressman President 2019-2023 lynn_cressman@gorockets.org
R. Keith DeRose 2019-2021 (2-year) keith_derose@gorockets.org
Jeremiah Morrison Secretary 2019-2023 jeremiah_morrison@gorockets.org
Kevin J. O’Neill Treasurer 2018-2021 kevin_oneill@gorockets.org
Jack D. Roberts Vice President 2019-2023 jack_roberts@gorockets.org
Carol J. Shaffer 2019-2023 carol_shaffer@gorockets.org
Jean M. Spence 2019-2023 jean_spence@gorockets.org
Jeffrey R. Thomas 2019-2021 (2-year) jeffrey_thomas@gorockets.org