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School Shoes-Gym Shoes


Many of the children’s sneakers on the market may look like athletic shoes, but have felt or fabric in place of rubber, non-slip treads.  Some even advertise these felt soles as “non-slip” because they grip well on textured surfaces (like concrete or cement).  However, they are treacherous on smooth finished floors like linoleum, tile, and hard wood – the majority of the floor surfaces in our school! Most accidents in the gym are the result of the shoes the children are wearing. Please check the soles of your child’s school shoes and make sure that they have soft rubber soles.  They don’t have [...]

School Shoes-Gym Shoes2020-06-03T13:12:16-04:00

K5 – (5 and 6 year-old kindergarten) K5 students at the ECLC Participate in daily Physical Education


K5 students at the ECLC Participate in daily Physical Education!  The bulk of their time is spent using the Action Based Learning Lab.  It consists of a series of stations that are designed to move the body in a brain-stimulating, learning-specific manner. Stations progress in difficulty throughout the school year, according to student readiness and mastery of the skills.  Students are physically active for the entire 20-minute period.  Their heart rates are increased, breathing accelerated, and body temps elevated – all indicators that fitness enhancing exercise is taking place!

K5 – (5 and 6 year-old kindergarten) K5 students at the ECLC Participate in daily Physical Education2020-06-03T13:10:47-04:00

K4 – (4 and 5 year-old kindergarten)


Although K4 in the ECLC is a half-day program, It is still a priority to give them a quality physical education experience.  Each K4 class comes to the gym twice weekly!  K4 sessions consist of 4 stations focusing on perceptual and visual motor control, manipulating and tracking, traveling and balance, and vestibular development.  Free play is also a critical element to the K4 program, fostering spatial awareness, social awareness, and creative play. “Exercise is like miracle grow for the brain” - Dr. John Ratey, Renowned Harvard psychiatrist, author of spark, the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain.

K4 – (4 and 5 year-old kindergarten)2020-06-03T13:09:43-04:00

“CRAYOLA COLOR CYCLE” Recycling Program


I’m excited to tell you about a very special program we’re coordinating at our school in conjunction with Crayola. It’s called Crayola ColorCycle – an amazing program devised to repurpose used markers rather than sending them to landfills. All around Main Street Elementary School students and teachers will be collecting used markers that are ready to be discarded. Please help support our efforts by sending your kids in with any used markers you may have around the house - even non-Crayola brands! Highlighters and dry erase markers can also be included. A drop-off box will be located in the front lobby of [...]

“CRAYOLA COLOR CYCLE” Recycling Program2020-06-02T12:44:10-04:00

Chloe Preston – Joan Jarrett Student Award


Chloe Preston received the Joan Jarrett Student Award. Anneliese Ledebur wrote the letter for her and this award. What is funny is that while Anneliese was writing her letter, Chloe was writing a letter for the award that Anneliese won back in March. The Joan Jarrett student award is designed to honor outstanding young adolescents who are in the “middle” and who generally do not receive recognition. To be eligible, the student should demonstrate leadership abilities, good citizenship, and should have made positive contributions to their school and community. One boy and one girl from each PAMLE region will be recognized for [...]

Chloe Preston – Joan Jarrett Student Award2020-05-22T15:52:45-04:00

National School Lunch Program


On Wednesday, January 25, 2012 new standards for the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs were introduced by the USDA as part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. The Nutrition Group, your child's cafeteria provider, has always strived to provide nutritious meals to your student.  We are pleased to reassure you that your child's food service program already reflects many of the nutrtion principles mandated in the new regulations. You are probably wondering how these new standards will change your child's school lunches. Some of the changes you will see include: Larger portions of fruits and vegetables Students will be REQUIRED [...]

National School Lunch Program2020-05-21T12:18:44-04:00

THS National Honor Society Induction


Students were able to complete the oath of membership which was led by Emma Cartney, NHS president.  She was assisted by Laird Stover (Treasurer), Aric Burleigh (Vice President), and Tammy McHenry (Club Advisor) as they reviewed the four pillars of the organization.  The pillars are scholarship, leadership, character, and service, which were each symbolized by a lit candle.  This was the 62nd consecutive year for Titusville High School’s participation in the national program to honor students who have met the entrance criteria. It was the first virtual induction ceremony, making it a unique and memorable experience for the students and their [...]

THS National Honor Society Induction2020-05-11T14:23:07-04:00

Expired: THS – We’re All in This Together


The teachers, staff, and administration of THS send thoughts and words of encouragement during the suspension of school due to the Covid19 pandemic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jpat58NRlJk&width=400&height=225

Expired: THS – We’re All in This Together2021-03-22T10:28:02-04:00

TASD Education Plan – Moving Forward


Schools in Pennsylvania as well as around the United States find themselves in uncharted waters with a state-wide K-12 school closure due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) health pandemic.  With the Governor’s order on March 13, 2020, schools were closed for two weeks, and as of March 30th this closure was extended indefinitely.  Schools must immediately think about how to best educate their students from a distance. While modeling social distancing, Titusville Area School District has been working remotely to develop a plan to continue the school year while everyone remains at home. We are thankful that we as a community can partner [...]

TASD Education Plan – Moving Forward2020-04-09T14:30:21-04:00

Coronavirus Health Information and Resource links


COVID-19 INFORMATION The health and safety of our students, families and staff are our main priorities.  As a district, we are following guidance from President Trump and Governor Wolf.   The news and updates change daily.  We would like to share resources with you to help keep you informed. During this time of social distancing we want all our families to know that although we are physically apart, we are here to support you. If you have any concerns or need support, please email us at tasdcovid-19@gorockets.org. FACTS ABOUT CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Coronavirus is a new virus that causes an infectious disease.  Symptoms [...]

Coronavirus Health Information and Resource links2020-04-09T14:28:29-04:00
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