Many of the children’s sneakers on the market may look like athletic shoes, but have felt or fabric in place of rubbernon-slip treads.  Some even advertise these felt soles as “non-slip” because they grip well on textured surfaces (like concrete or cement).  However, they are treacherous on smooth finished floors like linoleum, tile, and hard wood – the majority of the floor surfaces in our school!

Most accidents in the gym are the result of the shoes the children are wearing.

Please check the soles of your child’s school shoes and make sure that they have soft rubber soles.  They don’t have to be sneakers, or athletic style shoes! They just need to be safe.

Also, with winter soon approaching, many of you will be sending your children to school in boots.  In order to safely participate in school, and especially physical education, it is imperative that they change into safe shoes once at school.  If your child cannot yet tie shoes, then he or she should have shoes that can be independently managed, such as velcro, or slip-on styles.  Thank you for your support in keeping our children safe at school!

Jen Tridico

ECLC PE Teacher