Welcome to the Titusville High School Athletic Hall of Fame

It is with great pride that the school district honors a select group of our most accomplished high school athletes. The first Titusville High School Athletic Hall of Fame was held in 1976. There were 633 athletes and guests gathered for a weekend of events, which culminated with the induction of twenty members at the dinner held in the high school gymnasium.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremonies have usually been held every five years beginning in 1976, then 1981, 1986, *1994 (not held in 1991 due to changes in athletic department), *2001 ( not held in 1999 due to the extensive renovations of the high school), 2006 and 2011.


The nominations and election of candidates shall be done by a committee of unidentified members appointed by the chairperson of the celebration.No one is eligible for consideration into membership of the TITUSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME until he/she has been out of school for a minimum of fifteen years. Notice, this rule states “out of school” and not “graduated from”.

A person that is nominated for the Titusville High School Athletic Hall of Fame must:have played a varsity sport(s), or contributed GREATLY to the athletic program at Titusville High School. Contributed GREATLY must be interpreted by each acting committee and could include outstanding work by a cheerleader, student manager, or alumni.

  • have lived a life of benefit to society, since graduation, or since the time he/she left Titusville High School.
  • have achieved a measure of success in his/her chosen profession, trade, business, or work. Financial success should be less important than this person’s personal reputation among his fellow workers and friends.

Committees that choose these candidates and elect some to the Hall of Fame must remain at all times above reproach in their selections. The highest standards should be the only consideration when sitting on the committee.

Any member of the committee may place a candidate in nomination merely by requesting his/her name be placed on the ballot.

To be voted into the Hall of Fame a candidate on the ballot must receive two-thirds of the votes of the committee.

A candidate that is not voted into the Hall of Fame remains on the ballot for the next selection in five years. A candidate’s name may be removed from the ballot only by two-thirds vote of the current committee.